Tales From Between: Words & Pictures

A long-awaited anthology has just been released: Tales From Between: Words & Pictures, which contains my story ”Excursion”. The other authors featured in the book are Gwendolyn Kiste, Eric LaRocca, Mona Kabbani, Ross Jeffery, Ai Jiang, Matthew Stott, Joanna Koch, Laurel Hightower, Patrick Barb, and Hailey Piper.

You can download the eBook for FREE, or buy the paperback from Amazon.


Ellen Datlow’s recommendations for Best Horror of the Year

I was overjoyed to find that I have two stories on the long list of recommendations for Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year #14: ”Chalk” and ”Roadkill”. This is such an honor and I am in very good company.

”Chalk” was first published in The Half That You See, published by Dark Ink Books. ”Roadkill” was first published in Nightscript VII.

Both stories can be found in my collection Growth.

Growth is out now!

Today is the release day of Growth, my collection of psychological horror. The book contains twenty short stories and is published by Dark Ink Books. It’s available in Kindle and paperback formats.

”Elin Olausson may be a relatively new reverberation in the symphony of dark fiction authors writing today, but she is one on which to keep a close eye. Her stories are on par with those of other powerhouses in contemporary psychological fiction—Iain Reid, Asa Nonami, Alex Michaelides, Gillian Flynn—and saunter with creepiness of the highest caliber. Growth is a collection that is a must-read for anyone who appreciates literary horror, as it’s certain to finish as one of 2022’s best releases in the genre.”
– Rebecca Rowland, Ginger Nuts of Horror and Horror Tree
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Growth preorder is up

The release date for my short story collection Growth is less than two months away. On June 20 you can get your hands on the book, and if you preorder the e-book you’ll have it auto-delivered as soon as it’s released.

Growth will also be available in paperback.

Twenty dark tales of psychosocial horror fill the pages of Elin Olausson’s stunningly creepy short story collection debut.  Three sisters live isolated in the wilderness, unbothered, until their world shatters with the arrival of a stranger. A young man revisits the childhood home where his sister danced and his mother died. A woman is promised the house of her dreams and goes mad when she doesn’t get it. Two evil teens stand united against the world, until one of them falls in love. In an abandoned asylum in the desert, a girl chants her own name.

Filled with madness, darkness and the truth of the human condition, Olausson’s stories will leave readers thinking about their own sanity and questioning the motives of those who are closest to them.

Growth is published by Dark Ink Books.


Unburied: A Collection of Queer Dark Fiction

Unburied: A Collection of Queer Dark Fiction will be released in paperback, dust jacket hardcover, Kindle eBook, and Audible audiobook on June 1. This anthology from Dark Ink Books features my story ”Razor, Knife”:

Twiggy and Bell are cousins, best friends, freaks, and outcasts, and they have no need for other people—until Twiggy finds himself in love with beautiful Martin and is torn between the normal world and his and Bell’s twisted darkness.

In celebration of Pride month, all editor proceeds from sales of Unburied during the month of June will be donated to Rainbow Railroad.

Shadowy Natures is released today!

Happy release day to everyone involved in the amazing psychological horror anthology Shadowy Natures, a project I’m super proud to be part of. The anthology is published by Dark Ink Publishing, and you can read more about it here.

Buy it on Amazon (e-book or paperback) or in the Dark Ink Store. In the Dark Ink Store, use the code olausson10 to get a 10% discount!

Read an excerpt from my story ”Uncle”